Learning the books alone will not shape a child into a perfect man. Apart from subject learning a student must have co-curricular knowledge. Our institution offers so many extra curriculum for the student to shine in society.


“ Karate is not to hit someone nor to be defeated it is to avoid trouble.”


"Silambam is a weapon based indian art to fight aganist the enemy and to save their life"

Physical Education

“Physical education is very important for children to stay fit”

We make sure that all our children get their dose of physical exercise to keep them healthy, active and fit. We teach children easy to do exercises which they can practice at school and home.

Art & Crafts

Creativity is the order of the day. We let our children to be as creative as possible. This builds confidence and character to meet the demands of the society and the world. Our teachers stimulate and act as a mentor to explore children in a creative way. We give importance to creative arts as much as we take education seriously. We let our children indulge themselves in color and create masterpieces.