Principal’s epistle (message)


Al-madinah public school (cbse)is truly built on faith . Amps aims at bringing out the latent talents in each child and helps to mould in the wholesome development of the child. It is the desire of the school to encourage the children to look beyond their classroom and make them have a global outlook.

“ The great aim of education is not knowledge , but action”

The faculty chosen are highly qualified with rich experience. The school gives importance to both curricular and extracurricular activities. Our institution is commited to provide qualitative education to the diverse student population. Education is not providing mere knowledge of subjects. It must be an instrument for the holistic development, leadership quality, in their vision and decision, in their mental power and innovative imagination.

‘Educate, empower, excel’ – may this motto be the inspiration and realisation of every student who is nurtured and moulded by our faculty- the torch bearers of wisdom. Let the dedication of the teacher and this institution scale new heights of glory and success in the years to come.